We believe the best run 401(k) plans are led by the services of a Financial Advisor.  Therefore, at BAI, we only service plans that are benefiting from the support of an Independent Financial Advisor.  Financial advisors are responsible for constructing the correct team to meet the client’s goals in order to enhance the participant’s retirement readiness outcomes.  We have tailored our suite of services to include and support the efforts of the plan advisor.

How We Help

At BAI, we partner with Financial Advisors from the point of proposal through the lifecycle of a retirement plan.  This insures a plan is meeting its objectives.  In addition to plan design, consulting, and testing, we assist with record keeping analysis, digesting previous provider fee disclosures, and helping advisors identify areas for plan improvement within a retirement plan.  We utilize a state of the art illustration software program for Financial Advisors to show their clients and prospects the most efficient way to design a retirement plan.  In addition we assist with fact finding, finals meetings, and annual reviews.  We can help show the value in exploring Cash Balance plans, ESOP’s, Custom Profit Sharing plans and Solo K’s if a standard 401K plan is not the exact answer.

Record Keeping Partners

Getting Started

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